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45 Port Pilot Solenoid Valves

3 Port Pilot Solenoid Valves

345 Direct Operated Solenoid Valves

Fieldbus Solution

Air Operated Valves

Mechanical, Manual and Air Pilot Valves

General Purpose Air and Water

Oil and High Temperature Oil

Steam and Heated Water

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Chemical and Pure Water

Datasheet PKI

Datasheet PKN

Datasheet PKO

Datasheet PKT

Datasheet PKW

Datasheet PMK

EKIV-3 Zoll ER freigestellt klein

EKNV-125 Zoll VR freigestellt klein


API Gate Valve1

API Glove Valve1

DIN Gate Valve1

DIN Glove Valve1

JIS Gate Valve1

JIS Globe Valve1