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Spray nozzles

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Hydraulic Nozzles

Flat spray nozzle

� Produce flat spray pattern with stable distribution having tapered spray pattern edges.
� Tapered spray pattern edges provide uniform spray distribution in multiple-nozzle arrangement.
� Simple one-piece structure to be screwed into pipe.
One-piece Structure Standard Flat Spray Nozzles

Hollow Cone Nozzle

Produce hollow cone spray patten with ultra small capacity.
� Generate the finest atomization among all the hydraulic nozzles. Produce extremely fine mist.
� The whirl chamber is formed by ceramic orifice and closer, which provides excellent wear- resistance.

Pneumatic Nozzles


� BIM series fine mist nozzles generate fine mist having mean droplet diameter of 10-50�m measured by Fraunhofer Diffraction Method.
� IKEUCHI's unique design minimizes clogging and offers longer life. Assembled by fewer components compared with other pneumatic spray nozzles for easy maintenance and lower price.
� Spray pattern available in three types, BIMV nozzles (flat spray type), BIMK nozzles (hollow cone spray) and BIMJ nozzles (full cone spray).
� Available with compact spray header combining conduits for air and liquid.


� JOKIJet� series is an innovative pnuematic nozzle using steam instead of compressed air to generate fine mist of liquid components. Drastic running cost saving realized by applying steam from an existing boiler facility.


There are many areas in which air nozzles can make a difference including; productivity, product quality, cost cutting, noise reduction, and more.