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Hydraulic Tools

Machinery People is the biggest stockiest for these products in the Middle East.
We supply Larzep and Power Arm high pressure hydraulic tools / equipments.  
We stock, supply, provide after sales service and full technical support.

Cylinders / Jacks

Single and double acting, spring or load return, hollow plunger, aluminium, with locknut, pancake, high tonnage, telescopic, push-pull

Pumps / Powerpacks

Single and double acting hand pumps, air-hydraulic pumps, powerpacks, split-flow powerpacks, synchronized systems, hydrotest pumps, for torque wrenches.


Chain cutters, cable cutters, nut-splitters, pullers, toe jacks, spreaders, dynamometers, load cells, torque wrenches, punching heads, crimping tools


Drive Roller Chains, Corrosion Ressistant Chains, Conveyer Chains, Special Chains etc.

Garage / Automotive

Bottle, jacks, transmission jacks, trolley jacks, air service jacks, cranes, benders, presses, tables, maintenance sets

Torque Wrenches

Low profile hexagon torque wrenches and square drive torque wrenches ss

Power Ram 2-3 ARM Self Centering Puller

Power Ram PM 2-3 Arm Puller

Power Ram Cross Bearing Puller

Power Ram 2-3 Arm Mechanical Puller

Power Ram Tri Section Plates